Umarex H&K VP9 GBB Pistol/Full Markings

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Umarex H&K VP9 GBB Pistol
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The H&K VP9 Gas Blowback Pistol from Umarex is a green gas powered airsoft pistol that is styled similarly to most H&K pistols while offering a number of unique features.
This pistol has a number of features that will be familiar to H&K users, including the magazine release on the trigger guard, ambidextrous controls, and ergonomic design. However, the new features on this gun will be useful to HK users and brand new players alike. Umarex placed wings at the rear of the slide serrations to make cocking this pistol even easier. Additonally, there is a chamber indicator located on the back of the slide. When the pistol is in battery, there will be a red dot in the center of the slide where the hammer would be located. The picatinny rail up front is much larger than on most pistols, and can easily support almost any light, laser, or other accessory you'd want to put up there. As with most HK pistols, the backstrap is designed to be comfortable but interchangable depending on the size of your hands. Unlike most pistols however, the VP9 has interchangable sidestraps to further accomodate as many users as possible. This pistol features the standard H&K trigger safety that helps to prevent any accidental discharges. The tactical or dark earth version of this pistol features a threaded barrel for the attachment of a barrel extension or mock suppressor, while the black or standard version does not. Both versions have lightweight polymer frames with full metal slides for maximum realism and durability.
The Umarex HK VP9 is essentially the standard HK pistol with a number of new features that differentiate it from the pack.