PDI hopup service

275 kr
Inc. 25% Tax
We will service your PDI hopup unit including the intended barrel for the unit.
Our process is perfected from years of experiance running full pdi snipers from Hellspawn.

The proccess inclues:
  • Replacing hopup arm o-rings to stronger after market
  • Replacing hopup nub o-ring to thicker harder one
  • Replacing inner hopup o-ring for cylinder head seal with a more durable one
  • Cutting down hopup rubber to reduce risk of softer rubbers getting stuck and ben into the barrel
  • Increasing hopup screw resistance so they do not unscrew themselves.

All and all this service will provide you with that next level of accuracy on those extreme distances of 80-90m+, regardless of what other hopup units claim if you only have one point of preassure there will always be a greater fault tolerance over long distances which will cause you to miss that one in a million shot which you otherwise would have gotten on your scopecam.

If you cannot visit the store, add this to your shoppingcart and place the order. Once you have received your ordernumber ship in your PDI hopup unit togeather with the barrel to us at:

Urban Op3rator
John Bergs plan 3
112 50 Stockholm