Urban Op3rator started in april 2016.  

We are working hard with:
-        Providing products you cannot find anywhere else in Scandinavia
-        Quality assurance of our products.
-        Meticulous service of Systema PTW and Fight Club Custom (FCC) training weapon

As a natural next step after running the custom workshop Aggressor Studio since 2012, we have now opened a new airsoft workshop in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Our aim is to provide the look and feel of the Hong Kong airsoft store experience at a place near you.

Urban Operator / OP3 provide service and customization of PTW, GBB, and Sniper rifles.
Look for the Urban Op3rator-logotype when hunting for Quality.

Julian Suciu

Julian Suciu


The idea of Urban Op3rator is to find the hi-end products for our customers.

To deliver products for the customers which are built to perfection

To provide high quality service and consistency for the end user

Business motto

Grey is the new multicam